Business Insurance

Assurance for your venture

Our Business Insurance offering provides dependable insurance solutions for commercial businesses of many natures and sizes.


Most businesses will require some form of insurance legally while other elements of cover ensure not only the safe running day-to-day, but can also help protect assets, directors and officers of the business, and you can recover any sustained loss following an event such as a fire.


If, for example, your small business suffers a flood, damaging the building itself and the stock within, you may experience a domino effect of losses. You wouldn’t be able to trade while you renovate, your stock will be too damaged to sell but you’ll have no cash flow to buy new products. In this case, Business Insurance can cover the renovation and damaged stock.

Business Insurance features


Whilst our policies are built around you, they could include:


  • Employers’ Liability protects you from claims made against you by employees.
  • Product & Public Liability protects you from claims made against you by members of the public.
  • Buildings & Contents protects the premises and possessions within.
  • Stock damage covers your produce which has been damaged, lost or stolen.
  • Business Interruption covers any continuing loss to your business such as downtime after a fire.
  • Directors & Officers Liability protects you as a director from claims made against you personally.

How can Woodfords Insurance Brokers help my business?


When we implement insurance for your business, our approach is measured and concise. We work closely with you, listen to you and offer our independent advice to ensure your policy matches what you need.


A visit to your premises can help us get every detail correct. After that, we’ll use an array of top insurers to get the policy that works for you. Insurance can make your processes smoother and gives you peace of mind that you have the best solution in place should something go wrong.


Find out more about our Business Insurance by picking up the phone today.


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